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Title:Boyfriend Pillow
Category:Home Decor
Description:Boyfriend Pillows are a revolutionary new product that replicates the experience of snuggling into a loved ones arms, allowing you to feel safe and secure whilst getting a great nights sleep. If you’re inbetween relationships or haven’t found Mr Right yet, a Boyfriend Pillow makes the perfect companion for everyday women, just like yourself, who are simply looking for a no strings attached cuddle campanion. Perhaps you already have a partner, but they are often travelling or work unusual hours? A Boyfriend Pillow (or ‘Husband Pillow’ if you prefer) is the perfect solution. You may even wish to spray some of your partner’s cologne onto your new snuggle partner in order to remind you of your man when he’s unable to give you the cuddle you are longing for. Imagine sitting down to watch your favourite TV show, feeling safe and secure in the embrace of a soft and comfortable Boyfriend Pillow, or maybe you’ll prefer to keep your new Boyfriend Pillow in the bedroom for the ultimate night’s sleep. We only recommend shopping with our preferred Australian suppliers as they are able to offer the fastest shipping times at the lowest cost. Our partners have boyfriend pillows in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and can deliver to most regional centres as well. At some point on our lives many of us will endure the difficult task of a long distance relationship. Quite often you'll miss your partner most when it's time for bed and there's no one there to cuddle into. A boyfriend pillow can replicate the look and feel of your partner when they can't be there in bed with you. With prices around $19.95 it's a great investment in a good nights sleep.
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