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Safety gear & workwear for hardworking men

Eri Silk is India’s leading Assam Silk provider over the world. Assam’s Eri Silk is known as Ahimsa Silk and peace Silk. We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of Eri Silk in Europe, Australia, SouthEast Asia. Eri and Muga Silk is the premium and high-quality product. Gradually, it is becoming popular all over the world. Also, Eri is only available in the form of spun yarn instead of a blend of spun yarn and filament.

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Everyday Cashmere offers the finest quality cashmere clothing for women and men. For every piece we design, we envision an experience that will bring comfort, ease, and luxury to your everyday lives. It’s cashmere made with love. Everyday Cashmere’s heart and horns signature represent the core values that are underpinned at every level of our business. Our garments are made from the heart in every way. From the farm gate to the finished product there is love in every step.

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