Social Media

The net can be a risky place; the exploding international arena of E-trade has made it a veritable playground for hackers, scammers, and cyber-crime. There are three important classes of those crimes: Buying Scams, Identity Theft, and Monetary Fraud.

As purchasers end up higher versed in coping with threats of privacy and protection online, they search for demarcations of trustworthiness much earlier than the transactional touch point, and this is where social media marketing can make all the difference in building the bridge between an unknown vs. a known brand. During the attention phase of the buyer’s journey, roughly 54% of social browsers review a business’s social media pages. Therefore, research suggests that having a social media presence at this touch point provides a constant view of your branding, which in turn can enhance degrees of client trust. You can enhance the trustworthiness of your social media presence with the aid of using social media platforms that fit in well with your target market group, and allow you to display your products & services in a meaningful & compelling manner.

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Furthermore, some of the other social media benefits include the use of hash tags, drawing people in via social media topics & conversations. driving traffic to your website from your social media platforms, and controlling the narrative around what is said, along with tone of voice. From a research standpoint, social media also provides the platforms to obtain ongoing market research. This then assists with continuous improvement, making sure that all of our marketing, inclusive of your social media is working at an optimum level.

In closing, the benefits of social media marketing are vast, and businesses that don’t actively engage in social media do that at their own peril. Social media is no longer just ‘social’, it has clear benefits for commerce, and those who understand the medium, can develop a massive competitor advantage.